In an effort to help and bring support to under-privileged families, Paula Yacoubian launched in 2013 the "DAFA" campaign, which is one of the largest and most successful donation campaigns in Lebanon and the Middle East region.

Since then, the campaign managed to assist more than 250.000 poor families, and continues to do so in the hard times we are facing. 

"Dafa"'s initial goal was to help all those in need with winter clothes, toys, electronics, food, etc., through donations distributed to needy organizations and families all over Lebanon.

Dafa Campaign was an annual campaign, but lately, due to the exceptional events happening in Lebanon which started with the wildfires in October 2019, followed by the economical collapse, and not ending with the Covid-19 pandemic, the campaign turned from yearly to daily and it has been restless, trying to provide -to an exponentially increasing amount of needy families- the necessities to survive this crucial period. 

The volunteers at Dafa Campaign sort the food portions in its warehouse allowing to provide help to a greater number of families in need.

Lastly, it is important to remind that Dafa Campaign doesn't accept any financial support or donation but only in-kind donations. 

With zero admin fees Dafa team is made up of 100% volunteers.

Any donation in kind are more than welcome to help us continue with our mission: Canned Food, Rice, Cereals, Oils, Tomato Paste, salt, sugar, powdered milk, flour, diapers, clothes, etc...


Donate a DAFA Box (here)

To make a donation or to volunteer, please fill in the needed info, or call us on :

+961 71 569 883

To ask for help, send a Whatsapp message to :

+961 81 862 688