Photo Gallery
Interesting choice of transportation
Heading to Parliament, her way !
Women Mps of the World Conference in London
Discussing Laws
Meeting the President
The Koulouna Watani list
With the President of Baalbek's Committee of Merchants
Don't you just love Paul ?
Jensiyati Karamati
The waste sorting center
Reviewing the waste landfill
At the waste landfill
The Queen of Heart
With good friends
The Sabis Graduation
The Waste Landifll
A truck of unsorted wastes
With the UN Ambassador
At the Constitutional Court
Case Study
Receiving the Belgian Crown Award
Talk show with Paul
With the Armenian delegation
To Work !
The Koulouna Watani list
Youth forum for Youth National Policy
Supporting the Palestinian Cause
@ Ouzville
Speech time
Thank you to the Author
Heading the demonstration
Work session with the Koulouna Watani Council
Cleaning the shore one straw at the time
To Parliament
Thank you Taline !
Let's talk politics !
Thank you all !
With the Teachers
Demonstration @ St Simon
We'll be watching !
Forum for Freedom and Democracy
Let's clean up the shore !
Legislative work
Inspiring the young
Our demands are for basic life requirements
Speech at the ICEO Awards
Legislative hard work
Meeting college students with fellow women deputies
With good friends
So much waste !
Friends and Family
Just our rights !
Because everybody can sort waste
Everything for our youth
Education at heart
Signing the petition against the incinerator
Lunch with friends
Speech @ CleverNes
For the love of people, all people !
No Incinerators in Beirut !
Conference about the harm of incinerators
The Beirut Evangelical School Graduation
Receiving the ICEO Award
Thank you BOB
Thank you Akkar !
Funeral at Karantina