Questions to the Government

Second Term : 2022

38- Mrs. Nisrine Chahine public teaching contract non-renewal (Read)

37- Violation by the Minister of Interior of a State Shura council's decision when banning  an LGBTQ Event (Read)

36- Hospitalization budgets (Read)

35- BDL Governor irregularities (Read)

34- Vicken Euljekjian arrest in Azerbaijan (Read)

33- Municipal Elections (Read)

32- Magnetic ballot card and Mega Centers (Read)

31- Judicial disciplinary Council (Read)

30- E-Wallet (Read)

29- Freeze the licences of brokers at the traffic departement (Read)

28- Chaker Taleb Case (Read)

27- Student dollar laws application (Read)

26- Special Drawing Rights funds from the International Monetary Fund (Read)

25- Tripoli school roof collapse (Read)

24- Illegal court fees (Read)

23- Banks closing of some retirees pension accounts (Read)

First Term : 2018

1- Coastal pollution due to garbage (Read) (Government Answer)

2- Illegal administrative employment (Read)

3- Noise contract (Read) (Government Answer)

4- Water subscription raise (Read) (Government Answer)

5- Railway and common transport employees basic salary raise (Read) (Government Answer)

6- Solid waste administration National strategy (Read) (Government Answer)

7- Promotions within Beirut city Guards (Read)

8- Ministry of Foreign Affairs declarations (Read)

9- Refusal of Public Law Persons to execute Judicial decision (Read)

10- Civil Marriage registration (Read) (Government Answer)

11- Purchase of the new Touch Building (Read)

12- Hunting season opening (Read)

13- Cost of treating waste from Public administrations (Read)

14- Sikorsky helicopters (Read) (Government Answer)

15- Labor at Water Public Corporations (Read)

16- Stamps shortage (Read)

17- Amer Fakhoury (Read) (Government Answer)

18- Missing People (Read) (Government Answer)

19- Mediator of the Republic (Read)

20- Creating First degree administrative courts (Read) (Government Answer)

21- Enforcement of deadlines suspension law (Read)

22- Penal Audit (Read)