Her Vision & Battles
Paula’s vision is of a country that provides a better life and better services for its unified and committed citizenry. Paula believes that true democratic space can allow all citizens, whatever their background or community, to be key actors for the benefit of ALL.
For more than 20 years, Paula has put ecology at the heart of her activism. Along major experts, she fights for a better environment in Lebanon proposing suitable solutions.
She proposed to integrate Ecology courses to the educational programs, in order to raise awareness among the younger generation.
Paula pushes for the adoption of appropriate solutions to the environmental predicaments in Lebanon. She raised the issue of sanitation in Beirut and, since elected, has been pressuring the government and municipality to find alternatives to incinerators.
She implemented different initiatives spreading awareness about the importance of garbage sorting from source and recycling through design and art better know as up-cycling.

True democracy and government transparency was the main political model that moved Paula to campaign for a seat in parliament in the May 2018 election. Since winning her seat representing the Beirut District, she has never ceased pushing her political program of fighting against corruption and for full transparency for a better, more democratic Lebanon.

In this multi-confessional  country, Paula has defended the principle that there must be one law applicable to everyone, regardless of religion or sex.

 Last but not least, one of Paula’s proposed laws is to abolish all honorific titles in the political administration, in order to foster a spirit of true public service.
The separation of religious rules and the state is one of Paula’s main concerns, particularly in  the importance of having a unified civil law concerning personal status, with the aim to replace the confessional system in place towards a civil State. As of her election to the Lebanese parliament, Paula sees herself as the representative of all Lebanese people, whatever their religion.

However, she also believes that inter-religious dialogue must still be supported, in the Middle East in general and in Lebanon in particular.

​And of course, she is an active supporter of civil marriage.
One of Paula’s main concerns is the status of women in Lebanon.
She has always fought for women's rights and gender equality be it by supporting Lebanese woman's right to give her nationality to her children or demanding the revision of Work Law concerning foreign workers.
She gives the matter of women's quota the outmost importance as it is essential to the evolution of women's involvement in political life and decision making.