Second term : 2022

72- Unified personal status law (details)

71- Allow municipalities to sell solid non-toxic wastes (details)

70- Amend article 356 of the criminal procedure code regarding  Judicial Council powers (Details)

69- Exemption from registration fees in public schools (Details)

68- Amend the law allowing students abroad to withdraw dollars (Details)

67- Dropping immunities in relation with the port explosion crime (Details)

66- Lead Investigator Prerogatives (Details)

65- Port Wheat Granary as Monument for 4th of August explosion (Details)

64- Exclusive Economic Zone (Details)

  First term : 2018

63- Licensing of Public lands cultivation (Details

62- Currency Board Law (Details)

61- Minors trial (Details)

60- Dismissal in Private schools (Details)

59- Schools Tax exemption (Details)

58- Add Coronavirus on the Infectious disease list (Details)

57- Electronic Official Journal free (Details)

56- Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day (Details)

55- Loan cut Law (Details)

54- Amendments on Housing Law (Details)

53- Loan interest exemption and reduction (Details)

52- Reduce taxation of Residential places Law (Details)

51- Judicial appointment Amendments (Details)

50- Automatic release upon end of standby detention (Details)

49- Af3al (Program to eradicate poverty in Lebanon) (Details)

48- Publicity of the Parliament sessions and committees (Details)

47- Appeal the decisions of the Parliament Bureau (Details)

46- Transparency Law (Details)

45- VAT Law Amendment (Details)

44- Ministers Legal Responsibility (Details)

43- Removal of all pictures from public areas (Details)

42- Bisri Dam law (Details

41- Immunities lift law (Details)

40- Minors travel (Details)

39- Amendments on Illegal wealth law (Details)

38- Suspension of Legal, Judicial and Contractual time limits  (Details

37- Free the Judicial Record from convictions under publication law (Details)

36- Abolish time prescription for crimes of torture (Details)

35- Amendments to the punishments replacement law (Details)

34- Institute of Community and Religious Laws Studies (Details)

33- Abolish Labor Courts (Details)

32- Incriminating false alarm to Rescue Bodies (Details)

31- Amendment to the law of inheritance between Lebanese and foreigners (Details)

30- Bank Secrecy Law (Details)

29- Income Tax (Details)

28- Amendments on the Public Employees Act (Details)

27- Interference with the Judge (Details)

26- Amendments on the Penal Code (Details)

25- Establishing the National Fund for Incurable Diseases (Details)

24- Amendments to the Customs Law (Details)

23- Adam's Law - Amendments to the Military Justice Law (Details)

22- Education : Compulsory and Free (Details)

21- Mandatory sorting waste from source (Details)

20- Reduce fees for Motorcycle driving licenses (Details

19- Creation of the "Economic and Social Council" (Details)

18- Facilitate the procedure in the cases of stateless people (Details)

17- Change the denomination to "Jewish Community" (Details)

16- Creation of the "Joint Transport Authority" (Details)

15- Amendment to the "Lawyers profession organizing" law (Details)

14- Amendments to the "Wild Hunting" law (Details)

13- Limit the use of force in cases of child custody dispute (Details)

12- Amendments to the domestic violence law and violence against women (Details)

11- Abolish prison penalty for the mother refusing to hand over her child (Details)

10- Sanction of absenteeism from Legislative Sessions (Details)

9- Allowances and compensations of current Presidents and Deputies  (Details)

8- Allowances and compensations of former Presidents and Deputies    (Details)

7- Discrimination against women    (Details)

6- Independence of the Judiciary    (Details)

5- Regulate Cannabis Cultivation (Details)

4- Stop the importation of used electronics    (Details)

3- Housing crisis    (Details)

2- Suppression Of “Historical” Honorific Titles    (Details)

1- Parliamentary control on administrative acts     (Details)