15- Amendment to the "Lawyers profession organizing" law (Details)

14- Amendments to the "Wild Hunting" law (Details)

13- Limit the use of force in cases of child custody dispute (Details)

12- Amendments to the domestic violence law and violence against women (Details)

11- Abolish prison penalty for the mother refusing to hand over her child (Details)

10- Sanction of absenteeism from Legislative Sessions (Details)

9- Allowances and compensations of current Presidents and Deputies  (Details)

8- Allowances and compensations of former Presidents and Deputies    (Details)

7- Discrimination against women    (Details)

6- Independence of the Judiciary    (Details)

5- Regulate Cannabis Cultivation (Details)

4- Stop the importation of used electronics    (Details)

3- Housing crisis    (Details)

2- Suppression Of “Historical” Honorific Titles    (Details)

1- Parliamentary control on administrative acts     (Details)