"A huge thank you for all those who contributed to the success of our 2018 campaign : 

- The donors : Without you and your kindness in giving,
there would be no campaign to start with.

- The Volunteers : You are the soldiers in the war against poverty, hunger and cold, you donated your arms and hearts and put smiles on so many faces.

I am so proud of having shared these moments with you, and truly feel we can achieve great things together"  
                                                               Paula Yacoubian

Check out the 2018 Campaign photos

متل كل سنة رح نطلق حملة دفى بالتعاون مع بنك مصر ولبنان
هدفنا نجمع مساعدات لكل محتاج من معلبات ومواد غذائية وثياب وبطانيات وأدوات إلكترونية ومنزلية
حضروا حالكن رح نجتمع بساحة الشهداء ب-2 ديسمبر 2018 
من خيرك ساعد غيرك #حملة_دفى

Every year we come together to help people in need, in collaboration with BML Bank
We aim to collect your in-kind donations: food and food cans, clothes, blankets, and electronics

This December 2nd, be ready to

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